Life Right Now

I’m forced to take life, one day at a time right now, which is nice. My calendar has never been so blank, yet my days are full when the time comes. This past week, I’ve mostly been home, and it’s been so nice to let Charlie nap in his bed and get things done (like blogging : ) He seems to be getting more and more content as the weeks go by. Dan and Hazel got him to smile two weeks ago, and last week I got him to smile and even giggle sometimes. This week, if he’s calm, it’s really easy to get a grin from him, which is so fun. The mornings in particular, he seems to be the most content and chill and smiley! The evenings he’s a bit more fussy and needy, but that’s probably because he’s just tired from surviving another day…that’s how I feel too. ; )


little smerk




hip hip hooray

Since my last post, Charlie has been testing out sleeping on his tummy a bit (I know, I know, tummy sleeping is a no no). First it was just for naps, while I was around, then the early mornings, when he was in bed with me (co-sleeping no no, I know). But finally three nights ago I got my mattress cover for his bassinet, so he slept in his bed (all night) on his tummy. He still fed every 3-4 hours, but slept better, and didn’t do any 2 hour stretches, so I’m hopeful this will help us both sleep better!

  • If you want info on the mattress cover, read this. It’s really fascinating to me that “Since BabeSafe® mattress covers came onto the market in New Zealand in 1996, there has been no reported case of SIDS/Crib Death among the very large number of babies who have slept on BabeSafe® wrapped mattresses…” I read this before we had Hazel, and got one for her crib. I don’t understand why this isn’t more publicly known, as it’s been 20 years of results!

Anyways, Charlie is gradually getting more and more content, even tolerating his swing or bouncy chair at times! He still requires you to walk around with him a bit each day, but he’s not nearly as upset as he was, even a week ago. He has a rough day ever now and again, days like yesterday. Days where he just needs to be rocked more, swaddled more, held more. Days where he just needs me more. But this week had more content moments than last, which is a win.


bath time


diaper time


sleepy time


bear time


sleepy cuddle time


car time


play time


thumb time

The girls still adore him to pieces, and are super helpful.


mornings with daddy


the morning the girls made him smile for the first time


fi is the best at giving charlie his binky if he’s upset


big vs little


morning cuddles with all three


evening cuddles

Other life happening over the past few weeks:


sleeps all day, saves gotham all night






dark blue eyes


dental checkups


charlie’s passport photo!


this is how we took his passport photo


pokémon battle time


off to school


more smiles

I’m so glad Charlie is my third baby (not my first). He may be the most fussy, but it doesn’t typically rattle me, as you get so much more confident as a parent after your first. You learn that each kid is different, and each requires different things/methods. I’m not sure I could have tried letting Hazel sleep on her tummy, as all the “rules” felt so overwhelming the first time. I was still a bit nervous with Charlie, but since he was strong enough in his neck, and seemed so uncomfortable with his tummy grumbles, it seemed to be best for him. Also, the girls NEVER slept in the bed with us. But that’s because they were amazing sleepers!! Charlie wakes more often to feed at night than they did, and slept more restless in the early mornings. I thought he was off, and I needed to try some sort of “sleep method training” on him, but when I started reading about night sleeping, I realized he was normal…the girls were the abnormal ones, they were stellar sleepers, going much longer between night feeds.


mutual adoration

So life seems to get easier with Charlie each week, and the five of us are all enjoying this season, where life is less busy and we’re home more. I’m also getting so excited for spring to come (meaning sunshine and warmer days). The cherry blossoms and crocuses are always the first glimps that spring is on it’s way!


dan took this last week…before all the rain came back

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Last week, Dan was in San Diego for work. My Dad and Ann said they’d come stay with the kids and I while he was away. My brother Pete called a few weeks before, and said he’d come up too!! It was such a blessing to have them all here. Ann was on “walking and rocking Charlie” duty, my dad did all the school runs and dishes, and Pete cooked dinner every night!! How lucky am I? I appreciated them helping me out so very much.

My toilet super clogged the day my dad got there, but Fiona enjoyed fixing it with grandpa!


she spent loads of time walking around with charlie


executive chef


fi, the sous chef


charlie in awe of uncle pete


best buds

Pete and I went to Storyville Coffee one afternoon, with Fiona and Charlie. It’s always so much fun to spend time with my brother. I love him so much.




coffee and caramel rolls


cookie for fi


sleeps for char

I also spent time with my grandparents over the past few weeks. They are an amazing pair. They have been praying for me most every morning since I was born, and now they are praying for my children! To quote my brother, “They have spent their 65 years of marriage investing in what really matters and leaving a legacy for many more generations.” They are loved by all, but I feel extra blessed to be able to call them Grandma and Grandpa.


charlie’s great grandpa irwin


great grandma irwin

On Sunday, I got a call from my mom, saying she was in Utah, driving up (from New Mexico)!!! She hadn’t met Charlie yet, and I was so so so so excited to hear the news! She was coming to help with my grandparents (the Irwin’s) mostly, but also to see us and love on Charlie. She got in Monday night, and stayed with us before surprising her parents on Tuesday morning. She came over again Wednesday for the afternoon and evening. I happened to have a dentist appointment, so it was perfect! Grandma was able to babysit! And then she was able to hold Charlie while I made dinner! Perfection!!


meeting charlie


so happy grandma is here!


snacks while watching mary poppins


snuggles while mama makes dinner


buddies already

I love my family dearly. Even though none of them live close by, I’m blessed to see them (usually) at least once a year.

But that’s just the half of it! I’m equally blessed to have wonderful in-laws for family too! Dan’s parents came on Monday to see us all. And Dan’s sister Rebecca came by last week to get some Charlie snuggles. And two weekends ago, Kevin and Susie came over and brought and made dinner for us all to enjoy together!!! They all live a bit closer, but still over an hour away. I love them all dearly too! I am one very blessed lady.


uncle kevin (dan’s brother)


auntie rebecca (dan’s sister)



Fiona Rose is Four

My precious Fiona Rose turned 4 on February 10th.

Unknown Person1

capturing hearts since 2012

She brings me so much joy and delight. She is full of cuddles, says the funniest things, and says I love you all the time. (Everyday she mentions how much she loves Charlie too – melts my heart). She is learning so much this year in preschool, (letters, numbers, writing) and is quite social. She loves going to school so much. Who would have thought my little Fi, who hated people the first 2 years of life, would love going to school! She still has her quite/shy moments, but is non-stop chatter at times too. She can play for hours and hours with Hazel, loves to craft, likes going to bed at night, and loves playing nintendo with Daddy. Her favorite foods are: peanut butter sandwiches, cucumbers, carrots, cheddar bunnies, milk, cereal, yogurt and of course chocolate! She is independent and can play for hours by herself if she has little toy figures. She loves dinosaurs and dragons a lot, as well as Pokémon.

Some of the funny things she says: “4 mys old” instead of 4 years old, “Puprise!”(suprise), “Attend” (pretend), “Westerday” (yesterday)




balloon head


precious fi



She celebrated her birthday at school the day before with Joe Joe’s.


singing to fi


so happy

She had been planning and dreaming up a birthday party since Hazel’s the month before. She wanted a bunny party, and she wanted to get everyone a bunny watch, and she wanted pinks and purples, as well as a cake.

I kept telling her we were just gonna go get ice cream with some friends, but she kept dreaming up the party. So we compromised. We invited two of her friends Neko and LuLu (both whom we met last year as they had siblings in Hazel’s class), and I picked them up after lunch and took them to the cupcake shop in Ballard. I got them each a crown, bracelets, a wand, and a necklace (all from the dollar store) and let them each pick out which cupcake they wanted. It was the cutest thing ever!! They held hands down the street, and Cupcake Royal is all decorated in pink! It was perfect. They were so excited, and chatty with one another.


hand in hand


cupcake time


pretty girls


how cute is all the decor?


there’s no wrong way to eat a cupcake


my fiona


happy neko




The week leading up to her birthday, I kept asking what she wanted to eat for her bday dinner. (We go out for dinner on birthdays). She wanted…Hotdogs! I kept asking, and suggesting things, but Hotdogs was want she wanted. So that night, we all went to Costco for her birthday dinner (because they have the best hotdogs). We got some fro-yo too and all split a churro. Grand total was less that $10! haha cheapest birthday dinner. But she was so happy!


she ate the whole thing!

She has been the biggest surprise since Charlie has been born. She LOVES him so much. She is unfazed by his crying, loves helping with diapers (even poopy ones) and is a champ at putting in the binky if Charlie needs it. Not that I thought she wouldn’t like a new baby brother, I’m just surprise at how much she completely adores him and wants to help out with everything.

I cannot say enough how much I cherish my Fiona Rose. She is such a source of joy and love for me, daily.

Our Little Man

We are all in love with our little Charlie. He is my fussiest baby, but he’s just so cute. He is not sleeping well at nights, but he’s just so cute. He prefers to be held and rocked in your arms, vs any sort of rocker, swing, chair, etc, making it hard to do anything (like shower, laundry, dishes, etc.), but he’s just so cute.


wide-eyed and content


so mad sometimes


but still precious

He has a day or two a week, were he seems content and less fussy, but other days where it takes a lot to calm him down. He still sleeps most of the time, and sleeps at night, but somewhat restless at times. He is also incredibly noisy! He grunts, and squeaks and groans all the time, whether asleep or awake.


happy in mama’s arms


or daddy’s arms


so cute when he sleeps

I do all the night shift stuff, (with the exception of one night, where he was just up a lot and Dan helped me out). But Dan does all the early morning stuff. He takes Charlie, gets the girls fed and ready for school, and gets them to school as well. All this lets me get an hour or two more sleep from being up so much at night. During the morning time, Charlie is awake, and loves being with the girls. Hazel cuddles with him, and talks with him and Fiona even made him smile yesterday.


morning chats with big sister




early morning bjorn’ing


morning gaming

Fiona loves to help out with Charlie. She loves to help me with diaper changes, bathes, and putting his binky in (which she calls a pinky, just like Hazel did when Fi was a baby). She is unfazed by him crying, and says the cutest things like, “I really like having Charlie in the family.”


oh these two


just chillin’ on the couch

He’s already over 5 weeks old. It breaks my heart. It’s funny, with your first, you are so excited about the milestones reached. With Charlie, being our last, I’m so sad every time something changes: he loses that newborn smell, he grows out of his newborn sized clothes, he gets bigger and older…It makes me so sad that it goes so fast.

bear shot

first four bear photos


week 5!!


four weeks old!!


1 month!


charlie bear

Dan’s been back to work for two weeks now. There are days were I feel like I really nailed the whole mom of three thing, and there are days were I’m just glad I got a shower in. As tired as I am, I’m just so in love with my three precious kids. I love having them so spaced apart. The girls are so self-sufficient at times, and get along so incredibly well. The other day, I was rocking and feeding Charlie upstairs for a long long time, as he was so fussy. The girls were happily playing downstairs together. It was such a blessing not to have to worry about them too. Yes they make messes from all the crafting, or fort building, or dressing up, but it’s really just them being kids and having fun. And I’m overwhelmed at how great they play together and love each other.


my heart is full


so so full

Although I’d love to go to bed and just sleep through the night, or have an evening alone with Dan (as of now, we’re pretty much going to bed when the girls go to bed), I’m cherishing my little family of 5. I told Dan, “I feel like we’re really in this together. Like we’re in the trenches together!” hahaha! We’re in survival mode right now, me taking night shifts and him doing the early mornings. It’s great to have a partner in life! I love him so much.


best daddy ever


i love my boys


sharing fatherly wisdom

So I may be exhausted, but my heart is full, and I’m loving the four amazing people God has placed in my life.

Other random photos from the past few weeks:


we had a sunny day!! I can’t wait for summer weather!


hazel went to a gymnastic bday party


fiona went to a reptile bday party


my dad stopped by, so I passed off Charlie so I could shower!


two girls and a boy!


uncle kevin after the super bowl


we went out for sushi one night


one of these things is not like the other

2 Weeks Old

The day before Charlie turned 2 weeks old he caught Fiona’s cold. The two were both sick for a few days. Fiona napped (which she never does), and every time Charlie coughed your heart would break a little.


day 7 of her cold


napping together


poor charlie at the doctor

Fiona is finally well, and Charlie is gradually getting better. I hope it doesn’t last nearly as long for me. I’m drinking lots of tea, taking loads of vitamin C, and Benadryl at night. I called my doctor to see if there was any cold meds I could take (since I’m nursing), and she mentioned the Benadryl (at night since it causes drowsiness) and told me to drink lots of fluids and get lots of rest. After I got off the phone, I realized that she told me to get lots of rest…I’m nursing a newborn, that’s why I called…She knows I’m up 3 times at night right?

I’ve been LOVING having Dan off work. This is the longest paternal leave he’s had, at three weeks!! Yesterday he “went” back to work, he works from home so he didn’t go anywhere, which is nice because if I need him he’s here. It was fun to do all my little outings with him, and Fiona: Costco, groceries, target, etc. Fiona is going to miss him the most. Fiona LOVES playing video games, and previously when she would ask, I’d say “When Daddy’s off work.” So they’d play together in the evenings or on weekends. (I don’t really play, and she prefers to play with daddy vs by herself). But since Dan’s been off, they’ve been able to play all.the.time! She is really going to miss having him downstairs all day with her. However, yesterday and today she hasn’t seemed to mind too much. She does so well entertaining herself with toys and crafts.


costco silly faces


gotta love the costco-dog at $1.50


dan and eevee


such a pair

Other pictures from our two week old and family:


15 days old


i heart him


saturday train and fort making




sleepy owl


hazel had a daddy date and they went shopping for new shoes!


chutes and ladders


these two dan(iel)’s met as babies, and now they have baby boys a month apart


big sister




tiny feet


little peanut


couch cuddles

On Friday at noon til Saturday at noon, there was a 24 hour live stream of worship from our old church in Glasgow, done by Rechord. We had it playing, both days, in whichever room we were in. It was so great to worship with our friends from afar.


we were especially excited to see andy and beth!


One Week Old

1 wk

first bear photo for charlie – 1 week old

When I was pregnant with Hazel, my cousin Erin gave me the idea to take a photo of Hazel with the same inanimate object often, to see how crazy fast she will grow. I chose a build-a-bear that Dan and I had made on our Honeymoon, and took weekly photos of Hazel beside it for her first year of life. Then I continued to take her pic with it every year on her birthday, til she turned 5. I did the same with Fiona, and now it’s Charlie’s turn!

On Charlie’s 1 week birthday, I introduced him to Target!!


i love this place!


we survived our first week!


amazing big sister (who was home sick from school)

Fiona had a really bad head cold for a week and a half, and by the end of it, Charlie had gotten it too. (I woke up with it yesterday, and I’m hoping no one else gets it).



we took her to the doctor to make sure she didn’t have an ear infection

Here are all the things we did with our little one week old…


it was sunny so we headed to the park


however, the girls couldn’t swing due to the lake that had formed


it was a lovely crisp evening out

Wendi graciously offered to bring us dinner on Saturday. The night before, she texted me, saying Willa wanted to make us cookies, and wanted Hazel and Fiona to help. “Can [the girls] come over around 1 or 2 tomorrow and I’ll deliver them back around 5 or 6 with dinner?” I actually laughed out loud. Can they?? Yes Please!! The girls got to play with their best friends for the afternoon, and Dan and I got to rent a movie and watch it in the middle of the day!! (That’s a big deal when you have kids)! Then Wendi, Willa and Neko brought us dinner that evening, and got to meet Charlie.


movie time


charlie and wendi


willa and neko got some cuddles too






pure cuteness


i love these two


grandma stopped by for some cuddles too


my little butterfly


clothes sorting, good to see my old clothes – out with maternity


three in a row!


my snuggle bug

We also of course, introduced Charlie to Mighty-O donuts!


first outing that he was actually awake for!


he’s happy to be there


the girls play


while we chat and reflect on being a fam of 5

Everyone asks who he looks like. Even though my girls look nothing alike, he has a bit of both of them in him. I need to dig up some pictures of Dan as a baby, because I think he may look a lot like him. Here’s a wee comparison of Hazel, Fiona and Charlie. (Charlie is in the middle row).


my three little blessings

The First Six Days As A Family Of Five

The first 3-4 days with Charlie were easy-peasy. All meals were cooked by my brother, all dishes were done by my dad, and I was able to just soak up my family. Charlie was nursing well and sleeping all the time, (more soundly during the day, and a bit more restless at night, but still sleeping). However, Saturday night, things took a turn. He suddenly had a hard time latching. He would angry cry for like 30 minutes, as I tried to get him to feed, then just latch at some point and feed perfectly fine! But being screamed at for 30 minutes every feed, was SOOOOO draining for me. This went on for three days! I cried a lot. Was he colicky? His tummy gurgled a lot; did he have gastro pain? Was this how he would forever be? Every evening I would get super anxious about the coming nighttime. What would the night hold? Would I get any sleep?


so mad


so sad

It was a long, tearful three days, but come Tuesday evening, something switched again. He started latching without a fight! This changed EVERYTHING! Our house has been filled with so much peace and joy again. I can handle feeding three times at night, when I’m not being yelled at. It just took Charlie a few days to figure life out. He sleeps pretty well, feeding every 3-4 hours, and now feeds like a champ. He does cry more as a newborn than my girls did, but we are always able to calm him down. (He hates being cold, thus doesn’t like his diaper changed). As each day goes by though he seems to cry a bit less, even during diaper changes.


snuggle bug




he loves to be swaddled tight


first family of five photo

On day 5 of Charlie, it was MLK day, so Hazel had off school. I declared it Family Day, as it was our first day as just 5. (My dad and Ann had gone home the day before). We had plans for Fro-yo and since the sun was out, we decided to hit up the park that afternoon too. We grabbed the bikes for the girls and walked to the park.


fiona always wants to help with little brother


she’s just so cute

We regrettably had yet to teach Hazel how to ride without her training wheels. She used to haul around on her balance bike when she was 4, so we thought she’d instantly take to a bike, but turns out, the training wheels set her way back. They would jerk the bike from side to side, freaking her out a bit. So after some riding, Dan decided just to take them off, and INSTANTLY Hazel was riding her bike!? No holding on to her, she just took off riding!! It was crazy! Dan said, “I feel like such a better parent!” It really was looming over us that we never took her out to practice riding. Oh the guilt of parenthood!


a natural!


future stunt rider


all four of my faves


my two foxes






he slept the entire time!

Other photos from his first week of life:


first bath


joining the evening routine of reading the chronicles of narnia


just hanging out as a fam


big sister watches over


daddy and his son


video games and cuddles, what could be better

Fiona came down with a severe cold that lasted a week and a half. Poor girl was pretty miserable.


so sad

We never made it out for Fro-yo that Monday, much to Hazel’s disappointment. But we headed out after dinner the following day, so all was good!


our second family outing, charlie slept through this one too